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Discover the Future of Tech: Join EDIT 2023 and Master DevOps! (17th to 28th July, 2023)

Publish date: 2023/06/12 | Expire date: 2023/07/17

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Get ready for an unforgettable summer experience at EDIT, the leading regional Summer IT School! This year, we're focusing on some of the most interesting trends in technology—DevOps platform engineering, the game-changer that's reshaping this field.

The DevOps landscape is ever-evolving, and platform engineering stands as its latest innovation. At EDIT 2023, you will gain hands-on exposure by being a part of international development and operations teams and collaborate to optimize software development processes while ensuring premier performance, stability, and scalability.

Our participants will explore the intersection of platform engineering and GO microservices development, working on real-world projects to create, test, and deploy highly scalable applications. The program focuses on mastering cloud infrastructure using tools such as AWS, Kubernetes, Grafana, and Prometheus, with emphasis on effective system monitoring. You will also delve into automation, building, deploying, and testing using Python scripts within CI/CD pipelines, and get the chance to further improve your software engineering skills by designing secure microservice applications using the GO programming language.

Here, you’ll get an opportunity to network, make lifelong connections, and put your teamwork and leadership abilities to the test. Together, we'll explore the newest IT trends, discuss challenges faced by IT professionals, and learn the art of effective collaboration – all the skills that will set you apart in the tech world!

This year, EDIT will be a hybrid event – lectures and project work will be held online, with the students from all over the region gathering in major cities in their respective countries for final days of presentations, group activities and fun! Each team will be guided by an expert mentor, ensuring you have the support you need throughout your journey.

Don't miss out on this incredible chance to shape your future in tech! Apply now for #EDITworld23, taking place from 17th to 28th July. Unleash your potential, embrace the power of DevOps, and join a community of like-minded tech enthusiasts.

Visit our website EDIT.APPLY to learn more and secure your spot today. The future awaits!


Publish date: 2022/11/13 | Expire date: 2022/11/20

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At the Department of Computer Science, we organize a guest lecture, "Surfing at the Interface between Theory and Practice in Evolutionary Computation", by Dr. Carola Doer from Sorbonne Université, France. The guest lecture is going to be held on Friday, November 18, 2022, at 9.00 am, in lecture room G2-Beta, at the course Introduction to Evolutionary Algorithms, 3rd-year R-IT VS.

You are welcome!


Publish date: 2022/11/13 | Expire date: 2022/11/20

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At the Department of Computer Science, we organize a guest lecture, "Is a Comparison of Metaheuristics on Whole Convergence Graphs More Helpful?", by Dr. Shih-Hsi Liu from California State University Fresno. The guest lecture is going to be held on Thursday, November 17, 2022, at 9.00 am, in lecture room G2-Beta, at the course Evolutionary Computation, 2nd-year R-IT MAG.

You are welcome!

Pizza Party

Publish date: 2022/02/14 | Expire date: 2022/03/01

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Dear Students and Colleagues,

We are thrilled to announce our Pizza Party social event, that will be held on the 28th of February at 16:00. We will meet in G3-K1-01 (Amfiteater Gauss) at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Maribor (UM FERI), Koroška cesta 46, Maribor.

Pizza Party has been our major social event for promoting our student chapter to students and colleges from University of Maribor. This year, we will present University Programming Marathon (UPM) competition, which is a very interesting competition for students. We will organize this event with cooperation of:

  • IEEE Student Branch Maribor
  • IEEE Women in Engineering - Slovenia
  • IEEE Young Professionals Slovenia

At the event we will host a special guest from well known company Endava d. o. o..

Please join us on our social event Pizza Party and promote our ACM Maribor Chapter and other student organizations cooperating in this event.
Attendance registration on this link is desired.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on email address.


  1. Presentation of Maribor ACM Student Chapter and Hour of Code event
  2. Presentation of IEEE Student Branch Maribor
  3. Presentation of IEEE Women in Engineering - Slovenia
  4. Presentation of IEEE Young Professionals Slovenia
  5. Presentation of University Programming Marathon (UPM)
  6. Presentation of IEEExtreme student competition
  7. Presentation of Endava company
  8. Socializing over juice and pizza

Due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic, the conditions and restrictions for controlling the Covid-19 epidemic must be considered. In case of unfavorable and aggravated epidemiological situation, we reserve the right to cancel the event.

Smart appliances and home ecosystem

Publish date: 2021/04/16 | Expire date: 2021/04/22

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The Institute of Computer Science in cooperation with Gorenje d.o.o. is organizing a webinar “Smart appliances and home ecosystem” on 22th, April at 4 pm. Join us via MSTeams, by clicking the following link here.
In recent years, the field of digitalization and connectivity has spread to all areas of our lives, including our homes. Products are getting smarter and with new connectivity-related functionalities, they are trying to adapt to the user’s lifestyle, regardless of their age and lifestyle.
Thus, Gorenje, with its home products, follows new trends and user expectations. The development of a smart ecosystem for the home will be presented, which includes not only smart appliances but also cloud infrastructure and mobile applications. An overview of the structure of the entire ecosystem with key technologies will be given. Challenges of their development will be shown on real-world examples, from hardware to software development.

We will end the lecture with a look into the future, both in the field of technologies and the products themselves. There will be plenty of time for a discussion and Q/A.

The lecture will be led by dr. Timotej Globačnik, you are kindly invited.

Student Computer Science Research Conference StuCoSReC'21

Publish date: 2021/03/18 | Expire date: 2021/07/15

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The 7-th Student Computer Science Research Conference StuCoSReC'21 will take place on the 14th of September 2021 at the Faculty of Electical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Maribor. We invite all students to participate actively with scientific and research manuscripts. The accepted contributions will be published in the conference proceeding (in electronic format). You can read more about the conference and manuscript submission at

Kind regards,

Organizing Committee of the StuCoSReC'21 conference and the Student section of ACM Slovenia

Multigenerational student project Passive floating probe FERI

Publish date: 2021/02/12 | Expire date: 2021/02/17

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In addition to the "Construction of a blockchain platform and its use in the development of computer games" and "Artificial intelligence in autonomous driving" projects, we will offer an additional multigenerational student project "Passive floating probe FERI" in the 2nd year of the university study program Computer Science and Information Technology. The project will be implemented in cooperation with students of electrical engineering and telecommunications, and is intended to build an autonomous passive floating probe, which thanks to many sensors and artificial intelligence, independently collects environmental data and communicates them via satellite communication systems to the home base at UM FERI. The number of vacancies is limited, so apply by 16 February 2021 by e-mail at

NVIDIA: Basics of accelerated computing with CUDA C / C ++

Publish date: 2021/02/11 | Expire date: 2021/02/18

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Duration: 10:00 - 17:30

Where: MS Teams (link will be sent to participants on the day of the workshop)

In this workshop doc. dr. Domen Verber, ambassador for NVIDIA, will present the fundamental tools and techniques for accelerating C/C++ applications to run on massively parallel GPUs with CUDA ® . You’ll learn how to write code, configure code parallelization with CUDA, optimize memory migration between the CPU and GPU accelerator, and implement the workflow that you’ve learned on a new task—accelerating a fully functional, but CPU-only, particle simulator for observable massive performance gains.

You will learn:

  • how to write code,
  • configure the parallelization code with CUDA, and
  • optimize memory migrations between CPU and GPU accelerator.

Finally, you will implement the learned workflow on the following task: accelerating a fully functional (CPE) particle simulator for the observed increased performance.

Upon successful completion of the assessment, participants will receive an NVIDIA DLI certificate to recognize their subject matter competency and support professional career growth.


After completing the workshop, you will understand the basic tools and techniques for C / C ++ applications that accelerate GPU with CUDA and can:

  • write the code to be executed by the GPU accelerator,
  • highlight and express the parallelism of data and parallelism at the level of instructions in C / C ++ applications using CUDA,
  • use CUDA-managed memory and optimize memory migration using asynchronous prefetching,
  • use the command line and visual profiles to direct your work,
  • use concurrent flows for instruction-level parallelism, and
  • write GPU-accelerated CUDA C/C ++ applications, or redesign existing CPU-accelerated applications using a profile-based approach.


Basic C/C++ competency, including familiarity with variable types, loops, conditional statements, functions, and array manipulations. No previous knowledge of CUDA programming is assumed.


10:00- 10:30

Presentation of student organizations (IEEE Student Branch Maribor, IEEE Student Branch Ljubljana, IEEE Women in Engineering Slovenia, ACM Student Chapter Maribor)

10:15 – 10:30


10:30 - 12.30

Accelerating applications with CUDA C / C ++

12:30 – 13:00


13:00 – 15:00

Memory management of accelerated applications with CUDA C / C ++

15:00 – 15:15


15:15 – 17:15

Asynchronous streaming and visual profiling for accelerated applications with CUDA C / C ++

17:15 – 17:30

Closing of the workshop

Registration for the workshop

Number of places: 30

Price: The workshop is originally intended for students of UM, UL and UPR, but university employees and IEEE members are also welcome.

Registration deadline: February 16, 2021 at 3 p.m.

Registration form: Microsoft Forms

The workshop is organized in cooperation with the following organizations:

Game Development: From Idea to Product

Publish date: 2020/12/28 | Expire date: 2021/01/16

News is expired!

We invite you to join us on 15.1.2020 at 15.00 via MS Teams for a lecture in game development. The lecture will be given by Jure Rehar, owner of Elivion, a game development company. Jure has collaborated on projects such as Swamp Attack and Talking Tom Camp, totaling more than 340 million downloads.

In his lecture, Jure will give an overview of the gaming industry, mentioning key points in game development and talk about his acquired knowledge and experience.

Webinar "Optimization of tunnel routes with evolutionary algorithms"

Publish date: 2020/12/07 | Expire date: 2020/12/11

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At the Institute of Computer Science, we organize a webinar "Optimization of tunnel routes with evolutionary algorithms" by dr. Tea Tušar from Institute Jozef Stefan. The webinar is going to be held on Thursday, December 10, 2020, at 8 am at the course Introduction to Evolutionary Algorithms, 3rd-year R-IT VS. Join us via MS Teams


Publish date: 2020/12/06 | Expire date: 2020/12/09

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You are invited to the “IEEE Day” event to be held on Wednesday, December 9, 2020, at 6.30pm in the MS Teams tool. To registrater visit:


Publish date: 2020/11/14 | Expire date: 2020/11/20

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The Institute of Computer Science in cooperation with Celtra is organizing a webinar “Adidas: retargeting users using Celtra technology" on 19th of November at 10a.m. Join us via Zoom, by clicking the following link
Get familiar with the high tech company whose proprietary software enables brands all over the world to create ads and promote their values.
In the 2h presentation, we will present how our brands, such as Adidas are leveraging Celtra technology for retargeting use case. Throughout the presentation we will dive deep into real-time user tracking, serving infrastructure, and explaining how user data is handled through the analytics pipeline. In the end, we will show how our infrastructure is organized, how we deploy our app. We will devote some time to present you the Celtra engineering culture, the challenges our engineers are facing work, and the opportunities our employees have to grow and develop. There will be plenty of time for a discussion and Q/A.

Midterm exams

Publish date: 2020/03/27 | Expire date: 2020/06/06

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Dear students!

After careful consideration, we have decided to offer you a possibility of midterm examinations/tests. The latter will be organized in two parts, namely in the week from 11th to 15th of May (the first test) and in the week from 1st to 5th of June 2020 (the second test). More detailed instructions on how to perform the tests and the exact dates and hours of tests will be provided to you by the lecturer of each course. In the following days, the lecturers will also publish a list of topics to be tested in the first test (May 11-15).

We hope you will use this opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge!

Best regards,

Aleš Holobar, Head of the Institute of Computer Science

Direct4.Me smart parcel boxes for student projects

Publish date: 2020/03/23 | Expire date: 2020/04/26

News is expired!

In the week before the closure of UM FERI, company KIVI COM d.o.o. delivered eleven smart parcel boxes Direct4.Me. Smart parcel boxes are the result of the development and production of KIVI COM d.o.o. company and are intended for the project work in the 2nd year of the Computer Science and Information Technology study programme. This is a brand new product (the use of Direct4.Me started in December 2019 in cooperation with Pošta Slovenije company), and students of UM FERI will be the first in the world to have the opportunity to use this product to realize their own ideas.


Publish date: 2019/12/19 | Expire date: 2020/02/01

News is expired!

In addition to the "Blockchain platform for computer games" and "Artificial intelligence in autonomous driving" projects, offered in academic year 2019/2020, the students of the “Computer Science and Information Technologies" undergraduate Study Programme can select additional project "Passive Drifting Buoy". The number of vacancies is limited. Interested students can register till 31. 1. 2020 by sending an e-mail to


Publish date: 2019/10/02 | Expire date: 2019/10/30

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On Monday, September 30th, 2019, a greetings to the freshmen took place at our faculty at 10 am. At the joint presentation, the students of the 1st year of bachelor study programs were welcomed by the dean, prof. dr. Gorazd Štumberger, vice-dean for education, assist. prof. dr. Boštjan Vlaovič, and vice-dean for students, Davor Ornik. A joint presentation was carried out in the lobby of the G2 facility. The presentation of the Computer Science and Information Technology study program (academic level and professional level) then took place at E-105. Check out the picture gallery ( You can find a presentation on the Computer Science and Information Technology study program on the link below.


Publish date: 2019/10/01 | Expire date: 2019/10/31

News is expired!

For the period 2019 - 2023 Professor Aleš Holobar took over the management of the Institute of Computer Science and his deputy is Assistant Professor Matej Črepinšek. Former Head of the Institute, Professor Marjan Mernik, thanks all the members of the Institute of Computer Science for their enormous contribution to the development of the Institute in 2015 - 2019. The management of the Institute was a great pleasure for him. Professor Marjan Mernik become the Vice-Dean of International Cooperation and Quality Development.


Publish date: 2019/09/23 | Expire date: 2019/10/21

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Europe Code Week is a grassroots initiative which aims to bring coding and digital literacy to everybody in a fun and engaging way. Code Week is going to be held from October 5 - 20, 2019. The Institute of Computer Science supports this event as it contributes to computer literacy. Last year, we conducted 19 events in elementary and secondary schools. Students of study programs Computer and Information Technologies are invited to perform an event in their home town. Please, register the event at and let us know by sending an e-mail to or Learn more about the event at and


Publish date: 2019/09/19 | Expire date: 2019/09/30

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On Wednesday, September 25, 2019, the head of the Institute will hold talks with students' representatives of all years of study programs R-IT (VS, UNI, MAG) in order to obtain feedback from students on the implementation of the teaching process. Give your comments and praise to the students' representatives.

Conference StuCosRec '19

Publish date: 2019/06/03 | Expire date: 2019/10/10

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This year, we are organizing the 6th Student Computer Science Research Conference. The conference will be held as part of the conference multi-conference Information Society (IS'19), at 10 October, in Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies in Koper.

We invite you to actively participate in the conference with preparation of your scientific papers. The accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings in electronic form (CD). More about the conference and preparation of the contributions, you can find on website