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Publish date: 2020/11/14 | Expire date: 2020/11/20

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The Institute of Computer Science in cooperation with Celtra is organizing a webinar “Adidas: retargeting users using Celtra technology" on 19th of November at 10a.m. Join us via Zoom, by clicking the following link
Get familiar with the high tech company whose proprietary software enables brands all over the world to create ads and promote their values.
In the 2h presentation, we will present how our brands, such as Adidas are leveraging Celtra technology for retargeting use case. Throughout the presentation we will dive deep into real-time user tracking, serving infrastructure, and explaining how user data is handled through the analytics pipeline. In the end, we will show how our infrastructure is organized, how we deploy our app. We will devote some time to present you the Celtra engineering culture, the challenges our engineers are facing work, and the opportunities our employees have to grow and develop. There will be plenty of time for a discussion and Q/A.