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Publish date: 2019/05/21 | Expire date: 2019/06/20

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Institute of Computer Science is organizing a lecture by dr. Emil Plesnik from Better by Marand entitled "Artificial intelligence and health data" on 6th of June, at 10.00am in A-302 lecture room. READ MORE

Kindly invited!

Health Data Meets AI

Healthcare is a data-rich industry and creates vast amounts of data during routine and emergency procedures in various forms, which used to be stored mainly as paper documents. The adoption and advancement of Electronic Health Records (EHR) enables capturing this data in a structured way, meaning that it could eventually be aggregated and analysed to improve care (decision making, learning, research, …) and healthcare connected operations (administration, billing, …). This has already skyrocketed amounts of clinical data making it too big to efficiently manage for physicians, researchers and administrators. At this point there is a need for support at handling repetitive tasks on high amounts of continuous data flow, which is perfectly suited for Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI-powered simulations and analysis of structured clinical data bring forward increased efforts and breakthroughs in treatment innovation, drug discovery, personalized medicine and care optimization.

At Better by Marand we are dedicated to helping healthcare providers achieve vendor neutral and lifelong accessible clinical data for their patients through products like Better platform. Additionally, our efforts are also dedicated to find a better use of data with state-of-the-art AI solutions. This presentation will exhibit the recent activities at our R&D department that were aimed at this goal and demonstrate a use-case of clinical entity extraction from speech data.